Schooling and breaking

Wardhouse has developed its business through training and schooling horses/ponies of each and every description. Horses are trained along classical lines and progress at a rate individual to each horse. Over the years we've worked with horses from many top riders and stud yards across the country.

We specialise in offering every horse an environment and training program to aid progress at its own learning rate. For some horses, this can be very quick, whilst for others, a more temperate pace is found. Importantly, in all cases, this pace is in harmony with the horse's natural rate of development.

A great emphasis is placed upon making sure the basic ground work is covered and well established, ensuring your horse is happier and easier to work with. This approach allows us to rehabilitate horses that may have had a disadvantaged start or difficult temperament.

A horse in schooling with Wardhouse will receive all of the benefits of our full livery service and will generally be worked 6 days per week with 1 full day of rest.



£300+ VAT  per week






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