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The Natural Therapy Centre (Helensburgh) and Equine Osteopathy are pleased to announce the opening of a new therapy centre at The Cabin, Wardhouse Equestrian Centre.

With a firmly established 30 year history, The Natural Therapy Centre can offer a wide range of treatments including osteopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture and therapeutic laser therapy, along with equine and animal appointments.

What do we offer?

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 •  Osteopathy

 •  Naturopathy

 •  Acupuncture

 •  Therapeutic laser therapy

 •  Equine and animal appointments

 •  Qualified team

With a qualified and friendly team, you're in the safest of hands at The Natural Therapy Centre.


To find out more about the treatments available, or to book in for an appointment, please call Julia on 07729 301 290.

Find out more about our therapy centre on:

01505 705 125

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